Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian

"carriers of the dream wheel" By. N. Scoot Momday
This is the wheel of dreams
which is carried on their voices.
By means of which their voices turn
And center upon being.
It encircles the first world.
tis powerful wheel.
they shape their songs upon the wheel
And spin the names on the Earth and sky.
The aboriginal names .
They are old men' or men
who are old in their voices.
And they carry the wheel among the camps
saying: come,come,
Let us tell the old stories
let us sing the sacred songs

This connected to the book because all the Indians follow their dreams but they don't anymore because their always getting drunk and fighting. but the older indians are still kinda following their dreams and trying to make every one else do the same.