Thursday, December 17, 2009

long way gone and god rew tired of us

The movie God grew tired of us. It is about these boys trying to get away for the war. They all grow up in a camp that helped them out the they found out that some of them were going to Amarica. When they get on the plane they got some food and they eat every thing sepritly even the butter and relish. But when they really got to the us they went to their apartment that they would sty at for a while and they looked at everything really weird. they didn't know ow to use anything. But after a while they got to know how to use every thing.

I think i kinda connects to long way gone because the boys in the book were trying to get away form the fighting and the boys for god grew tired of us were doing the same thing.

The cultulre diffrances between the us and africa. one is Christmas in Africa the dance around and sing. but in the us we give gifts and put decerations and a wole bunch of stuff.

Monday, December 7, 2009

text to movie

"Once the camp was in sight we would surround it and wait for te lieutenant's command. The rebels roamed about; some sat against walls, dozing off, and others passing around marijuana."

This reminds me of the movie Rambo 5 when Rambo and 6 other army guys that were sent to get prisoners. They came into the villiage at dark and they were people smokin' weed and people in the watch towers. but they got in the place and pulled out the prisoners.

I think Rambo 5 is a good movie but I can stop watching it. But Ishmeal can't; it's his life and he just can't pause it and go off and do something else. I could but that's his life; it's not a movie.
If Ishmael was in this country he wouldn't even be able to watch the Rambo movies because he is only twelve years old. He wouldn't even to be able to own a gun let alone be in the war.